Release 0.13

Source Code [tar.gz]
Release Notes:
Heaps of bugfixes and cleanups.

- Updated doxygen commenting and files
- Many fixes to the ARMv7 builds
 > Gets to userland on the realview-pb-a8 qemu target
 > ARM PL110 CLCD controller driver added
- Fixed compile errors from newer versions of GCC
- Several bugfixes and cleanups to x86_64 build
- Notably: Cleaned up Proc_Execve code
- Added many video driver helpers
 > Framebuffer write operaions, software cursor
- Improved cursor support in VTerm
- Added mouse cursor support to AxWin2
- Updated the BochsGA driver to be usable
- VESA driver cleaned out to use new DrvUtil helpers
- Build system cleaned for ARMv7 build
 > Needed to use the InitRD
- Fixes and cleanups in many other areas of userland