Release 0.11

Source Code [tar.gz]
Release Notes:
Cleanups, x86_64 gets to usermode, ARMv7 and USB in the works

Many cleanups to build system
- Objects moved out of source dirs
- Build numbers fixed
Renamed all tpl_drv_* files to api_drv_* for neatness

ARMv7 (Realview-PB) port in the works
- Boots, but faults very early

Reworked task switching to be independent of the timer interrupt
- No more preemptive multitasking (will be reintroduced later)

x86_64 build gets to userland
- Uses SYSCALL for syscalls
- ELF64 support added to ld-acess and kernel binary loader

FDD driver rewritten to be neater and faster
- Caches everything, and only does full track reads/writes

Incomplete USB driver
- UHCI only, and doesn't actually work

Misc changes
- Cleaned up debugging for ARMv7
- Outlining for IOCache storing in unused pages
- Fixed VTerm scrolling bug at end of buffer
- Added pointer to IRQ callbacks
- Added opening files by Mount/Inode
- Cleaned up boot script code
- Split PS2KbMouse driver into two so the ARMv7 PL050 can be included