Building & Installing

Building the Kernel from source

Step 1

Set up the kernel configuration for your system by editing the Makefile.cfg and Makefile.<arch>.cfg files.
At least you need to set the ACESSDIR variable in Makefile.cfg to the absolute location of the Acess source.
By default Makefile.cfg is set up to install to a mtools drive (A:/Acess2), you can change this to a mounted image by changing the xCP and xMKDIR to cp and mkdir, and setting DISTROOT to the mountpoint.

Step 2

First set the architecture to build for by executing
export ARCH=<architecture>
Then compile the OS with
make clean clean
and install by running
make install

Installing prebuilt binaries

Prebuilt binary packages are a tar archive with a single folder called Acess2, this folder needs to be copied to the media, and GrUB set up to point to Acess2/Acess2.<arch>.bin.
The GrUB kernel command line (the part after the kernel file) should typically be something like this
/System=fat:/Devices/fdd/0 /Acess=/System/Acess2
This mounts a FAT filesystem on the first floppy disk to /System, and symbolic links /Acess to /System/Acess2.
Another common option that is appended to that is
This sets the screen resolution to 800x600, these values can be altered to suit your hardware.