Blog - GUIv3 Released (belated announcement)

Posted 2012-03-31 23:07:08 by thePowersGang

Ok, so in the beginning, back with AcessOS/AcessBasic, there was AxWin. It was my attempt at making a GUI system, and to an extent, it worked... although I never wrote anything real for it. Then I started work on AxWin2, which was going to be a very tablet/iOS style interface. There would be no windows, just full screen tabs. This turned out to be a nightmare to implement, and the lack of dialogs would have crippled it.

So, I started planning AxWin3. This sat unloved in the git tree for quite a while, until not long after the 0.13 release, I started really working on it. 0.14 is the first GUI release, however stability is questionable.

On that note, I plan to finish bugfixing everything sometime soon (at least for this round of features) and release 0.15