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Acess is a POSIX based (not fully compatable, due to some design decisions) operating system developed primarily by John Hodge (a.k.a. thePowersGang).
It's primary design principle is simplicity. This means that if a feature will make the codebase cluttered, it is dropped until it can be implemented in a clean way.
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Version 0.15 Posted 2014-01-21 21:54:01 by thePowersGang

It doesn't have some of the things I really wanted out of it, but it's there.

I've tagged and uploaded version 0.15 of Acess2, mostly because there are a HEAP of features that have been added since the last release, and I want those to be more public than just being in the git repo.

Notable changes:
* Stable (in emulator) USB1.1 support (with partial USB2.0 support)
* Improved TCP/IP stack (with telnet client and server)
* PTYs (unifying VTerms, serial consoles, and GUI terminals)
* NTFS read-only support
* Stable and more featured AxWin3 (has a terminal, but it's a little buggy)
* UDI environment, with network device support (Includes a ne2000 UDI driver)
* Many new device drivers (E1000, VirtIONet, boot-time VESA, AHCI, ...)
* Many bugs fixed (and introduced)

Overall, I'm getting pretty proud of how far this project has come. Sure it's not to the level of Linux, or the BSDs, but it's mine and it is getting close to usable.

If you feel like locating bugs for me, please use the github issue tracker

ACPICA Posted 2012-12-11 10:30:56 by thePowersGang

Well, r0.15 hasn't happened yet, how typical of me :)

In the meantime, along with doing quite a few fixes to AxWin3, I've started implementing ACPICA into Acess. This is the first external project that's been included, and I've tried to do it with minimal modification of the sourced code, and without having to include the code in the Acess tree.

So far, it's been a success. There's a makefile that automatically extracts the ACPICA code from its tarball, patches it for Acess and then compiles it into a .a for the kernel to link against.

The kernel shim is almost complete, but there are probably some bugs sitting about that ends up confusing the ACPICA code and causes it to run out of cache entries.

For the curious (and lazy), the ACPICA shim is in `KernelLand/Kernel/arch/x86/acpica.c` and the Makefile hackery is in `Externals/ACPICA`

GUIv3 Released (belated announcement) Posted 2012-03-31 23:07:08 by thePowersGang

Ok, so in the beginning, back with AcessOS/AcessBasic, there was AxWin. It was my attempt at making a GUI system, and to an extent, it worked... although I never wrote anything real for it. Then I started work on AxWin2, which was going to be a very tablet/iOS style interface. There would be no windows, just full screen tabs. This turned out to be a nightmare to implement, and the lack of dialogs would have crippled it.

So, I started planning AxWin3. This sat unloved in the git tree for quite a while, until not long after the 0.13 release, I started really working on it. 0.14 is the first GUI release, however stability is questionable.

On that note, I plan to finish bugfixing everything sometime soon (at least for this round of features) and release 0.15

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